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Legacy CNC Woodworking Machinery is a CNC Woodworking Machine Manufacturer in Springville Utah USA. We create the best CNC machines for woodworking. Our CNC woodworking machine includes 48″ 4 Axis turning centers perfect for furniture. All Our CNC Wood Router Machines are built In the USA and have all steel frames that come fully assembled, and pre-tested, backed by the industry’s best customer service.

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Legacy’s 3-In-1 CNC Systems Makes Great Things Possible


From the custom cabinet and stair makers to the artists to the furniture builders and manufacturers, you can create nearly anything on a Legacy CNC Woodworking Machines. What do you want to create?

  • This is the best money I have ever spent in my life.

    –Vince Forbes, Kansas

  • Unbelievable.  We could not believe the amount of one-on-one effort that your team expended to bring two novices from zero knowledge to being comfortable with CNC...everyone was not only dedicated to service but also exceptional training.

    –Roy Wilkins, Oklahoma

  • I love the versatility of the five-axis Legacy designs, and I don't believe one can buy an equivalent-capability CNC system for anywhere near the price.

    –Howard Schue, TS&A, Virginia