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Explore Legacy’s innovative line of 5-Axis Hybrid CNC machines and Conversational CAM software.

  • This is the best money I have ever spent in my life.–Vince Forbes

  • Unbelievable.  We could not believe the amount of one-on-one effort that your team expended to bring two novices from zero knowledge to being comfortable with CNC...everyone was not only dedicated to service, but also exceptional training.–Roy Wilkins

  • I love the versatility of the five-axis Legacy designs, and I don't believe one can buy an equivalent-capability CNC system for anywhere near the price.–Howard Schue

Discover what you can do with a Legacy CNC:



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If you are a professional that manufactures custom or production cabinets, furniture, signs, components, or products that require optimum versatility, efficiency…


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If you want to take your students beyond the traditional woodworking shop, and provide them with the skills necessary to compete and thrive in a high-tech manufacturing world…


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If your passion is woodworking and you want to take your creations to a new level, or if you want to turn your love of woodworking into a supplemental income…

Learn CNC with Exceptional Training:

  • Free weekly online training
  • Demonstration videos
  • On-demand webinars with free designs
  • One-on-one time in the shop

Why Choose a Legacy CNC?

  • 5-Axis Turning Center

    Show how no other CNC technology matches a Legacy CNC with the turning center.

  • Conversational CAM

    Show highlights on using CCAM to turn a piece in 4+ minutes vs hours (with engraving).

  • Welded Steel Frame

    Why is this important?

  • Feed-through Table

    This allow you to build…

  • Quality

  • Speed

  • Control

  • Production

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