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Since 1991 the Legacy team has focused on Finding a Better and Safer Way to approach woodworking. Our mission has been to automate the areas of woodworking that require the mastery of special skills like turning, carving, joinery, and sheet good processing.  For the past 30 years, we have been reinventing the woodworking process by providing versatile equipment, intuitive software, and an innovative support system.

The Renegade CNC Machine


Custom Spindles
(3+2 Axis Turning Center)

2.5D and 3D Carving
(3-axis Horizontal Table)

Precision Joinery
(3+2 Axis Vertical Table)

Sheet & Part Processing

(3-Axis Horizontal Table)


Come see Legacy’s new Renegade CNC machine, at the AWFS fair and be one of the first to see the exciting new features incorporated into this revolutionary new design.

Throughout the show, Legacy will be doing several exciting demonstrations that feature complex spindle production, joinery, and 3-axis CNC applications all on our unique 3 work station CNC.


AWFS 2019 Map

Make sure to stop by Legacy’s Booth #9314.  Check out the map to find Legacy’s booth location and plan out your AWFS trip.

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AWFS Fair Videos

Come see Legacy at AWFS 2019

Dining Chair demonstration

16 demonstration projects, applications, techniques…

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3 Ways To Improve Your AWFS Experience

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You can stay updated by watching new videos that are posted to Legacy’s YouTube channel.  Over the next 5 weeks, we will be releasing sneak peek videos of the demonstrations that will be shown at the AWFS fair.

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