Beyond Cabinet Making With A Legacy CNC

The Maverick 4×8 CNC machine is the best investment for a cabinet shop.  No woodworker dreams of making simple cabinet boxes.  The Legacy CNC can cut a kitchen job of 30-sheet in 8-hours and then cut four matching island bar stools.  Each Legacy CNC includes a turning center that will take your cabinets to the next level by producing Island legs, curved moldings, columns, carved corbels, and more.  Add more value to your cabinetry and your profits by having more woodworking potential than any other CNC on the market!


Automate More Manufacturing Procedures With A Legacy CNC




The Benefits Of Making Cabinetry With A Legacy CNC



How A Legacy CNC Customer Took His Cabinetry Business From $150 – $250 Per Linear Foot To $800 – $2,500 Per Linear Foot!

Michael Samarza is a top-rated, one-person cabinet shop in the highly competitive market of southern California.  Michael found that he needed to go a leap beyond box building and provide his customers with custom cabinetry that they couldn’t find in a catalog.  In other words, he gives his customers exactly what they want.


From $150 – $250 per linear foot to $800 – $2,500 per linear foot!

As a contractor making commercial production cabinetry, I was determined to do projects that would set us apart from the competitors in the cabinetmaking business. That desire led to many custom residential projects that required me to rely on other woodworking artisans to get the job done. I will always be grateful to the many incredibly talented people that worked in my shop. However, it became clear to us that we needed a CNC to keep up with our production needs.
I started researching CNC, but I could not find a machine that could produce all the components we needed for custom cabinetry. This included frameless and face frame cabinets with doors and drawers. As well as architectural components like corbels, molding, pilasters, rosettes, 3D carvings, embellishments, and turned spindles. Five years later, I unexpectedly ran into Legacy Woodworking Machinery at the AWFS woodworking show. I had seen how all 4×8 CNC machines could produce sheet goods for production cabinetry. However, I saw how a Legacy CNC could allow me to also make all the custom components I needed without relying on other people’s skillsets.
It’s been nine years since I bought my first Legacy CNC. I still build full custom cabinetry, but now I’m a one-person shop. I am amazed at what I’m able to accomplish with this CNC system. All I can hope for now is to be blessed with more years to continue the fun. – Michael Samarza – Cabinet Maker.



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