Mobility Kit

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Space Solution for Small Shops

The Maverick Mobility Kit is a bolt-on attachment that allows you to quickly lift your machine upon wheels to move around, then drop it back on its feet for operation. The kit includes a bottle jack and four caster mounting plates. Kits are available to fit all Maverick CNC models after December 2017.*

Integrated Vacuum Module

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Vacuum Hold Down System

Legacy manufactures an integrated Vacuum Module that is installed directly into the frame to provide an efficient vacuum hold-down method. This feature comes standard on every Renegade system and is also an option for the Maverick series.  When ordering your Maverick CNC you must ask for this option to be built with your machine at the time of purchase.  This option is not available after your machine is shipped and requires a separate power supply separate from the machine.


LowPro Clamps

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The Perfect Solution To Your Clamping Problems 

Legacy’s LowPro clamps secure your blank from the sides allowing you to machine the entire surface.  The angular pressure forces the material down onto the table instead of lifting the way other clamps do.


LowPro T Track Kit

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Build Your Own T-Track Table

This package includes everything your need to build your own T-Track table.  Each kit includes 10 lengths of T-Track, mounting screws, glue, and one set of Legacy’s LowPro Clamps.

Length Kits Available

  • 24″ Length – (10) piece
  • 36″ Length – (10) piece
  • 48″ Length – (10) piece


Nitto Double Sided Tape

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Mount Parts To Your CNC Without Fixture Tables

Product Applications

  • Hold wood blanks in place during machining operations.
  • For milling on CNC router / lathe machines.
  • Mount small fixtures, moldings, or display items.


A-Axis Hub & Mounting Plates

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Create Large Scale Turnings with Ease

These sets of mounting plates will securely hold even the largest of turning blanks in your machine.


Dynaglide Plus Dry Lube & Cleaning Conditioner

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Maintenance Spray For Your CNC 

DynaGlide Plus is a dry lubricant for all woodworking tools and metal surfaces.  It’s Silicone and Teflon-free and is made right here in the USA.

  • Will not stain, discolor, or transfer.
  • Virtually eliminates drag co-efficient for smoother feeding of materials.
  • Extends the sharp cutting life of bits, blades, and abrasives.
  • Cleans and prevents resin and glue-build up.
  • Cleans and dissipates heat.
  • Block oxidation on all metals.
  • Proven to be corrosion-free for 400 to 600 hours in standard salt spray testing.