Mobility Kit

Space Solution for Small Shops

The Maverick Mobility Kit is a bolt on attachment that allows you to quickly pop your machine up on wheels maneuver it around, then drop it back on its feet for operation. The kit includes a castered lever arm and four castered mounting plates. This kit fits all Maverick 4×8’s and Maverick 3×5’s ordered after December 2017.*

*Maverick’s built before this time may require a retrofit for the kit. Contact us for details.

Integrated Vacuum Blower

Coming Soon 

Legacy will soon release an integrated Vacuum Blower built right into the frame of the Maverick 3X5 or Maverick 4X8.  This system eliminates the need for a separate blower and any additional plumbing.

Watch this demo video to see the advantages of using a vacuum table for sheet processing.


LowPro Clamps

The Perfect Solution To Your Clamping Problems 

Legacy’s LowPro clamps secure your blank from the sides allowing you to machine the entire surface.  The angular pressure forces the material down onto the table instead of lifting the way other clamps do.


LowPro T Track Kit

Build Your Own T Track Table

This package includes everything your need to build your own T Track table including 1 set of Legacy’s LowPro Clamps.


A Axis Hub & Mounting Plates

Create Large Scale Turnings with Ease

These sets of mounting plates will securely hold even the largest of turnings in your machine.