Legacy Woodworking Machinery offers a full line of both 3 axis and multi-station CNC routing tables that include 5-axis turning centers and vertical machining centers.  Ranging from a 24″ x 24″ desktop CNC to a 5′ x 10′ three station CNC, Legacy has a CNC router system for everyone from a small home shop to a large production furniture shop.

Maverick 3X5 Gen. II

The Ultimate CNC for the Home Shop or Small Business that Demands Versatility

The Maverick offers three independent workstations. The first is for traditional 3-axis milling, the second is for 5 axis turning between centers, and the third is for vertical fixturing. The three-station configuration allows you to instantly switch from turning to 3-axis milling, to machining precision joinery with no tear down and setup procedures. Maximum machining envelope is 3′ x 5′.


Maverick 4X8

The Ultimate CNC for the Home Shop or Small Business Expanded For full Sheet Processing

The Maverick 4X8 takes the robust design of the Maverick and has expanded to fit the standard sheet size of 4′ x 8′. All three stations have received a size increase while much of the electronics remain the same as the smaller Maverick.



The Pinnacle of CNC

Legacy’s Flagship Machine

Featuring a 4′ x 8′ table (expandable to 5′ x 8′) for sheet processing and standard 3 Axis mill work as well as a 5 Axis turning center and an adjustable vertical table for machining precision joinery. The Gemini system is large enough that you don’t need to tear down a setup for a 4 x 8 process in order to use the 11″ swing dia x 8′ 5 Axis turning center or the vertical table.


Artisan II (Custom Build)

Designed with a Primary Focus on CNC Turning

Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning center allows you to turn round or multi-sided components that feature beads, coves, flutes, reeds, rope twist hollow spiral, carvings, joinery and much more. Legacy’s CCAM software allows you to take full advantage of Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning capabilities and simplifies the programming process.


Criterion (Custom Build)

Designed with a Primary Focus on  Sheet Processing, 3 Axis Machining and 2-1/2D Carving

The system can be setup with a number of clamping systems including a vacuum table.  An optional 4-axis turning center or adjustable vertical table can be mounted to the end of the machine expanding the systems capabilities.