Explorer CNC 800 x 676


The Explorer CNC System is not a lightweight toy built for weekend amusement.  This system is designed for the serious woodworker.  Its framework is built of 1/8 inch folder steel panels.  The frame and gantry are welded, not bolted together, to withstand years of continuous motion and stress.  The Rack and Pinion drive system provides high speed positioning and while the industrial grade motors and digital drives provide superior torque at lower cutting speeds.  Both a 3 HP router or a liquid cooled spindle allow you to use 1/2″ shank router bits for tool based machining as well as precision carving.


While the construction of the Explorer is impressive, it is the versatility that sets it apart from anything else in its class.  Unlike the traditional CNC router table that has a fixed work surface that uses toe clamps to secure your work, the Explorer can be setup with toe clamps, bench dogs, cam level clamps, a vacuum clamp or even double-sided tape.  The open welded frame construction even allows you to remove the work table and attach it to the bottom of the frame resulting in increased z axis clearance. The optional 4-axis turning system combined with Legacy’s CCAM4 software allows you to quickly program turned parts that feature beads, coves, flutes, reeds, joinery, rope twist, barley twist, hollow spirals and much more.  The optional Vertical Vise allows you to work on the edges and ends of the parts for machining precision joinery.  The Vise is adjustable in two directions allowing you to make compound angle cuts.


The Explorer is controlled by your PC or laptop computer using a customized version of Mach3 motion control software.  Legacy utilizes an internet interface for system updates and diagnostics.  Our support team can update your software, troubleshoot your programs and even operate your machine remotely.  (Remote access requires wifi internet access.)