Every MAVERICK Series 3-workstation CNC machining center provides outstanding features at an excellent price.  Each Maverick comes fully packed with minimal options to simplify your purchasing experience.  All Legacy machines are designed and built-in Springville, Utah, USA.

The MAVERICK 4X8 is our most popular model and the workhorse of any shop.

  • Includes 3-Workstations
  • High-speed spindle
  • Expandable to 4’x8′ for sheet processing
  • Our most popular model
  • Made in the USA




MAVERICK 4X8 Multi-Station CNC

The new Maverick 4X8 is based on the very popular Maverick 3X5.  Although our customers love the versatility and features of the Maverick 3X5, we repeatedly received request for a larger table.  We named this CNC system the Maverick because we broke all the rules when we designed it.


The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router features three separate work stations. The first work station is a 3-axis table that can easily be extended from 36″ x 96″ to 48″ x 96″. The table can be setup as a T-Track table for a variety of hold downs including Legacy’s LowPro T-Track Clamps, a bench dog table with profile cam locking clamps or a vacuum table. The second workstation is Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning center that allows you to turn, index, carve and machine between centers, even on a tapered component. The third work station is the 4-axis vertical clamping table located on the end of the machine allowing you to work on the ends or edges of your work. The table is adjustable thru 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal and can be used to machine precision joinery including finger joints, through dovetail joints, custom interlocking joinery and mortise and tenon joinery. Both the table and fences can be adjusted allowing you to machine angled or compound angle joinery. You can instantly go from turning to 3-axis machining to cutting joinery without any tear down and setups.


This 220 VAC 400 Hz 3 HP liquid spindle is whisper quiet and provides excellent performance in a compact package.  Features include: a water cooled high frequency 2200 Watt motor powered by the variable frequency drive.This spindle uses ER20 collet chuck. The Spindle has NSK bearings with run out measuring less than .005mm.


The Maverick is equipped with an automated tool measurement system that measures each tool after the operator loads a new tool.  The Smart Tool system can also be used to measure the thickness of stock, set the Z zero height and set the angle of the turning bed.



Getting started with CNC Programming
This online training video series is designed for the absolute beginner who has never programmed for CNC before.  For 3 axis programming, the participants are encouraged to open up their V-Carve or Aspire Software and work along side the instructor.  For 4, and 5 axis turning, we will be working with Legacy’s CCAM software.
Legacy’s Customer Training
On Wednesdays at 5 pm MST Legacy hosts a customer training webinar. These classes are project and/or technique based and designed to help you get the most out of your Legacy CNC Router.
Class Format
All classes are interactive and in an open forum style.  Each class will begin with the planned training.  One the class material is covered we open the class up to Q&A where participants are encouraged to bring their questions and have them answered by one of the Legacy training staff or class participants.

The Maverick is controlled by your PC or laptop computer using a customized version of Mach3 motion control software. Legacy utilizes an internet interface for system updates and diagnostics. Our support team can update your software, troubleshoot your programs and even operate your machine remotely. (Remote access requires wifi internet access.)


The Maverick 4X8 CNC Router combines a 36 X 96 X 8 inch flat stock work area with a 10″ x 90″ turning system and an adjustable dual angle joinery table to create the industries only 3-station CNC Router for routing, turning, and joinery.  The combined cutting envelope is 48″ X 96″ X 8″.

Ruggedly built of welded 11 gauge steel folded panels and equipped with a 3 hp liquid cooled spindle, this machine is a combination of beauty, power, and versatility.

The Maverick 4X8 can be setup to use Legacy’s LowPro T-Track Clamps, toe clamps, bench dogs, cam level clamps, a vacuum table or pods or even double-sided tape.  The 4-axis turning system combined with Legacy’s CCAM software allows you to quickly program turned parts that feature beads, coves, flutes, reeds, joinery, rope twist, barley twist, hollow spirals and much more. The optional Vertical Vise allows you to work on the edges and ends of the parts for machining precision joinery. The Vise is adjustable in two directions allowing you to make compound angle cuts.


The optional mobility kit makes it easy to move the Maverick 4X8 CNC Router around your shop and then set it on leveling pads when your ready to operate the system.


3 axis table: 105″ long 49.5″* wide 11″ stroke
Turning center: 94.5″ long 10″ diameter 2.1 degree maximum angle
Joinery Table: 7.25″ long 20″ wide 46″ deep**

*When the table is expanded over the turning center.
**This is a reference to the length of the part you are able to put in the joinery table from floor to cutting area mounted vertically.


Welded steel frame
20 mm linear bearings and shafts
X axis and Y axis rack and pinion drive
Z axis precision ball screw drive
A Axis quiet timing belt drive
B Axis Acme screw drive (manual adjust)


Powerful NEMA 34 stepper drives & motors
The Drive systems include a rack & pinion for the X&Y axis, a trapezoidal screw and ceramic nut on the Z-axis and the A-axis is belt driven.


X axis = 600 inches per minute
Y axis = 600 inches per minute
Z axis – 200 inches per minute
A axis – 300 RPM


3 HP liquid cooled manual tool change
ER 20 collet and nut. The spindle is rated at 12,000 to 24,000 RPM.
– ER20 0.5″ collet included
– Coolant: 4.5 gallons of 50-50 antifreeze concentrate. Distilled water must be used if not using premixed.


220 VAC single phase with 20 amp service


4″ duct port, we recommend a 6″ dust conduit and 1500 CFM dust collection to the machine.


Machine footprint – 120″ x 69″

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Maverick 4X8 Features Walk Around

See what features are included with the Maverick 4X8                    3-workstation CNC machine.

Maverick 3-Workstation Demonstration

Watch as we use all three work stations to complete a three legged pedestal.

Making a Vanity Demonstration

See the steps that were used to build this beautiful custom cabinet.

Making a Hammerhead Cane Demonstration

See how the Maverick used turning, indexing and tapering to complete this project.

Making a Wall Clock Demonstration

See how the Maverick produced the Wall Clock without using rastered carving techniques.

Making a Trophy Baseball Bat Demonstration

See how a custom trophy Baseball Bat was turning and embelished on the Maverick CNC.

Making Textured Door Panels Demonstration

See how combining machining toolpaths with raster carving toolpaths increase productivity.

Rapid Fire Demo – Threaded Nut

Watch a sped up overview from start to finish on producing the Threaded Nut for the Stool.

Rapid Fire Demo – Leg & Bolt

Watch a sped up overview from start to finish on producing the Legs & Bolt for the Stool.






Talk to Us

If you would like more information about how a new Legacy machine can bring your products to life, please share your contact information.


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