This product is no longer manufactured.

Legacy's ornamental mill - Evolution


The Evolution can be used as a turning center to create custom spindles, post, legs, and ornamental bowls.

Simply cut joinery flutes, reeds, and spirals for more options.

With the Evolution used as a 7-axis milling center, create custom mouldings, rails, styles, table tops and more.


Stock Capacity

Maximum Length:
36″ center-to-center
Maximum Swing Diameter:
Maximum Width:
18″ (feed through)

Machining Envelope

8.5″ X 36″
Spiral Pitches:
2″, 3″, 4″, 4 1/2″, 5″, 6″, & 7 1/2″ per rotation
Spiral Direction:
Left & Right

24 Positions / 15 degree

Turning Taper Angle:
3.1 degrees maximum

Spiral Taper Angle:
1 degree maximum

Taper Diameter Difference:
9″ maximum

60″ X 26″

Crate size:
60″ x 32″ x 40″ x 330 lbs.


Adjustable Bed

The Bed can be raised or lowered at either or both ends. When turning stock between centers, this feature allows you to accommodate different diameters of the stock. it also makes it extremely simple to taper the stock in either direction. When milling flat stock, this feature makes it simple to adjust for the thickness of the stock or for tapering either the stock or a milled detail such as “tear drop” flutes.

Indexing Headstock

This feature is extremely easy to use, yet very versatile. Indexing can be used for milling stock square or milti-sided, as well as adding ornamental details such as flutes, reeds, brick patterns and buttons, or for more functional operations such as milling mortise and tenons or sliding dovetails in stock mounted between centers. With the legacy you can mill a table leg or pedestal and then add the mortise or sliding dovetails on the same machine, minimizing setup errors on different machines.

Spiral Drive

The Spiral Drive allows you to mill spirals with up to 19 pitches. By varying the router bit profile, the pitch, the number of starts and the direction of the spirals, you can easily create a nearly unlimited number of beautiful designs such as the rope twist, barley twist, diamond pattern, pineapple cut, square twist, hollow spirals and much more. Spirals can be milled on stock as small as a pen and as large as a column with perfect results.