Gemini CNC 800 x 640

The Renegade CNC is the perfect CNC for the business or a professional shop that needs an extremely versatile CNC system.


The Renegade CNC features three separate work stations. The first work station is a 3-axis table. The table can be setup as a T track table for hold downs, a bench dog table with no profile cam locking clamps or a vacuum table. The second workstation is Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning center that allows you to turn, index, carve and machine between centers, even on a tapered component. The third work station is the 4-axis vertical clamping table located on the end of the machine allowing you to work on the ends or edges of your work. The table is adjustable thru 90 degrees from vertical to horizontal and can be used to machine precision joinery including finger joints, through dovetail joints, custom interlocking joinery and mortise and tenon joinery. Both the table and fences can be adjusted allowing you to machine angled or compound angle joinery. You can instantly go from turning to 3 axis machining to cutting joinery without any tear down and setups.  

6 hp Auto Tool Change Spindle

This 220 VAC single phase spindle uses the ISO toolholders to offer superior grip and faster tool changing.  ER 32 collets are used with the Renegade’s auto tool change system with 5 tool stations the 6 hp ATC spindle completes the Renegade CNC system.


The Renegade is equipped with an automated tool measurement system that measures each tool after the operator loads a new tool.  The Smart Tool system can also be used to measure the thickness of stock, set the Z zero height and set the angle of the turning bed.


Getting started with CNC Programming
Every Monday at 5 pm MST Legacy hosts a “Getting Started with Programming” webinar.  This class is designed for the absolute beginner who has never programmed for CNC before.  For 3 axis programming, the participants are encouraged to open up their V-Carve or Aspire Software and work alongside the instructor.  For 4, and 5 axis turning, we will be working with Legacy’s CCAM software.
Legacy’s Customer Training
Every Wednesday at 5 pm MST Legacy hosts a customer training webinar. These classes are project-based and designed to help you get the most out of your Legacy CNC.
Class Format
All classes are interactive and in an open forum style.  Each class will begin with the planned training.  One the class material is covered we open the class up to Q&A where participants are encouraged to bring their questions and have them answered by one of the Legacy training staff or class participants.

The Maverick is controlled by your PC or laptop computer using a customized version of Mach3 motion control software. Legacy utilizes an internet interface for system updates and diagnostics. Our support team can update your software, troubleshoot your programs and even operate your machine remotely. (Remote access requires wifi internet access.)


The Renegade CNC routing/milling/turning/joinery platform is a unique hybrid design that offers the professional woodworker, furniture builder, or cabinet maker a powerful new set of CNC tools in a single package.  

These features include a powerful turning system that is built side by side with a 49 X 97 inch work table.  The operator can move seamlessly from processing sheet goods to milling simple or complex turning with no additional setup time.

A single program can include turnings, profile milling or sheet processing operations.   Building a column for a kitchen island and cabinet standards in the same program or combine the production of a 3D carved molding with a rotary carved corbel.  Add traditional joinery like; through dovetails, mortise and tenons, box joints, or edge dowel joints.  Traditional joinery at 21st century speeds.