These Limited Warranties are only Valid if the CNC operator has been trained by Legacy Woodworking Machinery. This is the two days of training included with the purchase of
your machine.  This limited warranty does not apply to damage caused by user error improper use, normal wear and tear, product failure from lack of proper maintenance, acts of God,
Modifications to any Legacy Woodworking Machine not approved by Legacy Woodworking Machinery will void this or any product warranty.


All new Machines purchased from Legacy Woodworking Machinery will provide a one year service warranty (with parts provided at cost) which can be extended for an
additional cost. With this warranty will cover all parts of the machine (excluding the Spindle which has its own warranty), conversational CAM (if purchased with Machine),
and use of Mach3. This warranty covers technical support calls to trouble shoot The laptop/computer sold with the machine will come with its own warranty and must
be addressed through the respective manufacturer.


The purchase of a used machine does not come with a warranty. Each used machine is checked for functionality and refurbished as need before being resold. A service plan
can be purchased for the machine on a yearly basis.


Each machine is checked at the shop for full functionality, the test carving on your machine was cut by your machine. Shipping companies do not always handle our
product in the safest manor. Damage caused by the handling or other circumstances not in our control is nor the responsibility of Legacy Woodworking Machinery and is
not under warranty.


Legacy Woodworking Machinery will cover technical support calls relating to Legacy Woodworking Machinery’s proprietary software such as Conversational CAM and
assuring compatibility between Mach3 and our Machines.  This warranty does not cover Aspire, Vcarve or software not mentioned above. If you
are having issues with these programs they have their own websites and support.


Service plans are quoted by machine Model and can be reviewed with our sales personal.

Tel: 800-279-4570

Customer Support will be provided primarily by phone, teleconferencing, and remote access software. You must submit a support ticket to receive customer support. Your
ticket will be addressed in the order with which it was receive.