A Versatile Lineup of CNC Machines With Three Workstations



Legacy Woodworking Machinery, was founded in 1991 in Springville Utah USA, All Our CNC Systems are built In the USA and have all steel frames that come fully assembled, and pre-tested, backed by the industry’s best customer service. We create the best CNC machines for woodworking. Legacy offers the most comprehensive CNC training in the industry. Training options include hands-on training at our facility in Springville, UT, operations training projects, weekly training webinars, recorded online project and tutorial classes as well as private webinar training.


Designed with a Primary Focus on CNC Turning

Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning center allows you to turn round or multi-sided components that feature beads, coves, flutes, reeds, rope twist hollow spiral, carvings, joinery, and much more. Legacy’s CCAM software allows you to take full advantage of Legacy’s exclusive 5-axis turning capabilities and simplifies the programming process. Also, the system can be set up with a number of clamping systems including a vacuum table.  An optional 4-axis turning center or adjustable vertical table can be mounted to the end of the machine expanding the CNC systems capabilities.

So, you are thinking about adding a CNC system to your shop or business and you want to be up and running ASAP. Let’s Face It If You Have Read This Far On The Page:

  • You Know Buying A CNC Router Is A Big Decision.
  • You Need The CNC to Make You Money As Fast As Possible.
  • Legacy Offers The Best CNC Systems & the Training Formula Designed To Make You An CNC Expert Fast.

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