Legacy Woodworking no longer manufactures or supports the Ornamental Mills

Here are some of the milling techniques that were done on the Ornamental Mills




Adding flutes to your columns, spindles, table legs or bowls is very simple. There are three methods for figuring out how many flutes should be on your part. The first method is trial and error. The second is to calculate the proper number and the third is to use the Legacy Design Kit to visually layout the part before you start cutting.


Barley Twists


The traditional barley twist is a single start, however, you can make it as many starts as you wish. The basic formula is: pitch = diameter of the router bit times the number of starts.


Hollow Spirals


The hollow spiral is simple in theory, however, it can be a little tricky in practice. You are actually creating a wooden coil or spring out of wood. If the splines vibrate or chatter as your milling to the center they will most likely break, ruining your day. These instructions will insure your success and eliminate the frustration.

Note: This technique uses a two router bit process. First you mill the barley twist and then you cut through to the center with a straight cutter. The router bit combination is as follows:

1″ dia. Barley Twist (Magnate #7551) – 1/4″ dia. Straight cutter (Magnate #231).
*1.5″ dia. Barley Twist (Magnate #7554)- 3/8″ dia. Straight cutter (Magnate #283).
2″ dia. Barley Twist (Magnate #7552) – 1/2″ dia. Straight cutter (Magnate #285B).
2.5″ dia. Barley Twist (Magnate #7556) – 5/8″ dia. Straight cutter (Magnate #287K).
3″ dia. Barley Twist (Magnate #7553) – 3/4″ dia. Straight cutter (Magnate #288).

* Used for this example