Mission Statement

“The purpose of the group is to promote education and training on CNC wood
equipment and marketing of CNC products with an emphasis on Legacy
equipment. Members are encouraged to share their success and failures to further
CNC knowledge. Anyone with interests in CNC is welcome to attend meetings.”

President: John Konen
Vice President: Doug Pinney
Secretary: Bill Healy
Jeff Erion: Webmaster

Members are owners of CNC woodworking machines.

Monthly meetings held at convenient locations in the Denver area are ideal learning environments.

Custom Woodworking Project

Custom Woodworking


  • I joined the groups monthly meetings because I needed the network support that local experts could offer.  The show and tells are the best.  Seeing what others are creating with their machines is a huge catalyst for me to take my own projects to the next level.–Jeff Erion

  • Fantastic group to work with!–Kip Davis


Interested in joining the group?  Give us a call…

Here are some of our member’s machines in their working setting.


(720) 517-2700

Custom Woodworking Project

Jeff’s Maverick

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CNC Retreats

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