Legacy CNC Checklist

Mach3 Checklist.pdf

Delta Checklist.pdf


CNC Maintenance Schedule

Maverick 3X5 Maintenance.pdf

Maverick 4X8 ATC Maintenance.pdf

Maverick 4X8 MTC Maintenance.pdf


Spindle Break-In

Spindle Break-In Delta Controller 24000 RPM Spindle.nc

Spindle Break-In Delta Controller 18000 RPM Spindle.nc

Spindle Break-In Mach3 Controller 24000 RPM Spindle.txt

Spindle Break-In Mach3 Controller 18000 RPM Spindle.txt


Router Bit Profiles

2020 Router Bit Profiles.dxf


Tool Library for Vectric Software

Aspire tool library.tool


Post Processors for Vectric Software



Legacy 4axis DELTA Contour Turning Model.pp





Legacy Turning Vector (inch).pp


TeamVewer Ver 12

You must use version 12 in order to allow Legacy to log onto your system.  Download the install file below and run it to install TeamViewer version 12.  You will want a basic installation for personal use.  DO NOT UPGRADE TO VERSION 13! 



Delta Tool Library

Use the spreadsheet to manually set up the Delta Tool Library with the height offset for each cutter.  Once the Tool Library is complete you run the Single Tool setup with Smart Tool and then run your G Code program.

8100 Temporary Workaround To Delta ATC Tool Length Library 16 Apr 2023.pdf

Tool Length Libary Calc 16 Apr 2023.xlsx


Delta Controller Soft Limit Error Codes

Delta Soft Limit Error Codes.pdf



Delta Controller Error Codes

Delta and Mach3 Error Codes 7 Feb 2022 – Delta Error Codes.pdf


Delta Fast Start Files

Fast Start Turning G Code.txt

Fast Start for Turning.crv


Fast Start for Turning.dxf


Vectric Software Fast Start Class Material

Vectric Fast Start Class 1.pdf

Vectric Fast Start Class 1.jpg


LowPro Clamp Drawing

LowPro Clamp Drawings Gen 2.dxf

LowPro Clamp Drawings Gen 1.dxf

CCAM Pro Beta Updates



Display Table Files

Display Table.crv3d

Display Table.crv

Display Table.dxf

Display Table CCAM Pro Project.zip

Maverick 3X5 CNC Gen III Tables

CAD Files

Maverick 3X5 Basic Table.dxf

CAD/CAM Files (Vectric V-Carve Pro)

Maverick 3X5 Basic Table.crv

Maverick Series Vertical Table Mounting Hole Pattern

Maverick and Gemini Vertical Plate Fixture.DXF