Customer Spotlight

Mike Nugent

Mike Nugent has been involved with the fire department for 36 years. For him woodworking is a stress relief inherited from his father and grandfather. His fire fighting memorabilia is well known but has been recently surpassed by his hidden gun drawer.

John Kosa

John honorably served our country as a Marine prior to his woodworking business. He creates mostly memorabilia for his fellow Marines, his works include retirement plaques, flag displays, and shadow boxes.

Vancouver WoodSmith

Dave Smith of Vancouver WoodSmith creates high end custom games.  His passion for woodworking has turned into a small business that allows him to make money doing something he really loves.

Karl Hale

Karl’s career path has gone from an accounting degree to software engineer.  In 2014 he decided to focus on woodworking, his true passion, and became a kinetic artist.  His work will inspire and amaze you.

Doug Pinney

Doug has always challenged himself, and after retiring, decided to begin a new career with a focus on CNC.  Check out his latest work.