Norman Greengard

Norman is a retired Battalion Commander after working 36 years for the Fire Department and now has started up a new business which they named Montana Wood Creations.

Alvin Schultz

A long-time customer approached Alvin about doing custom widow frames for a historical building. Alvin responded, “if you buy me a Legacy Maverick 4×8 CNC Router, you gotta deal”.

Milo Scott

When Milo retired from electronics and logistics management his wife said: “you need to find something else to do…” This statement has transformed Milo from a retiree to find a second career teaching CNC programming and operations at Red Rocks Community College in Colorado.  His satisfaction with teaching these courses comes at the end of a semester, to simply get the students to stop thinking they “can’t” to thinking “what if”.

Lee Meador

Lee is a retired Combat Search, Rescue helicopter pilot, and Joint Personnel Recovery subject matter expert.  He now works for his wife, Sammie, producing components and projects with his Maverick 3X5 CNC machine. Their business, Backstory Furnishings, specializes in vintage and antique furniture repurposing.  Lee says, “I am very happy and pleased that I found Legacy CNC.  It has definitely enhanced our whole business experience.”

Matt Faiferlick

Matt is currently employed by John Deere working in the experimental department building prototype tillage equipment, high clearance sprayers, and cotton harvesting machines.
He also uses his Legacy Explorer II CNC to produce 11 different models of magazine speed loaders for rifles and pistols. A small sampling of his SpeedLoaders can be seen at

Dave Goldy

Dave is a retired software developer for Boeing. Now he is heavily involved in the “FIRST” (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics program. Because of his work with the after-school robotics program, Dave ended up running the robotics activities for the local school district and teaching robotics classes.

Dave also focuses on helping teachers get started with CNC in the classroom and started a Facebook Group for educators using CNC.

Bryan Olsen

Recently retired, Bryan loves woodworking and primarily enjoys building furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves, file cabinets, entertainment centers, etc.  He currently has the Maverick 3×5 and is extremely happy with the machine and how versatile it is. “I am amazed at the projects I have been able to complete… ” Bryan Olsen

Eric Boston

Eric Boston is the founder and managing partner of Boston Uncommon, LLC, a creative production firm specializing in custom signage and display systems.  During his healthcare career, he saw ways to enhance the operational appearance of his facilities and began to acquire the equipment to manufacture those visions into functional installations…

Ernie Head

Ernie’s primary occupation is in the production of hardwood sand mold patterns which are used as tooling in any casting foundry.  “The sand mold pattern is the most precision woodworking I have ever seen or heard of. I will not hesitate to say that no one else has put Legacy Artisan to the test as I have for precision and durability. One of the best investments I have ever made. You can’t go wrong with Legacy, I stand by that!” Ernie Head

Rob Baker

As a municipal police officer, Rob wore a traditional eagle badge for a number of years until the department replaced it with a modern shield. “I always felt tremendous pride wearing the symbol but was thankful to have retired so I could get back to my family heritage of woodworking… I posted a picture of a finished badge on a private Facebook page, found a good price point to sell it, and the orders rolled in . . . like a tidal wave.”

Charles Sexton

Charles spent just under 21 years in the Marine Corps, completing 7 Mediterranean cruises, 2 Norway detachments, and multitude deployments to Central America, Japan, Okinawa, Puerto Rico, and most of the states.  An avid woodworker since the early ’80s, he recently purchased a Maverick CNC which allows him to tackle any project that he can dream up, including the most amazing gift.

Dennis & Linda Hook

Dennis and Linda decided to go with Legacy after their first CNC didn’t work out as well as they had hoped.  Now they are on their second CNC from Legacy.  If you are a little intimidated by CNC, wondering if you can do it, Dennis and Linda’s experience might help you understand what Legacy has to offer.

Doug Pinney

Doug has always challenged himself, and after retiring, decided to begin a new career with a focus on CNC.  Check out his latest work.

Mike Nugent

Mike Nugent has been involved with the fire department for 36 years. For him, woodworking is a stress relief inherited from his father and grandfather. His fire fighting memorabilia is well known but has been recently surpassed by his hidden gun drawer.

John Kosa

John honorably served our country as a Marine prior to his woodworking business. He creates mostly memorabilia for his fellow Marines, his works include retirement plaques, flag displays, and shadow boxes.

Vancouver WoodSmith

Dave Smith of Vancouver WoodSmith creates high-end custom games.  His passion for woodworking has turned into a small business that allows him to make money doing something he really loves.

Karl Hale

Karl’s career path has gone from an accounting degree to a software engineer.  In 2014 he decided to focus on woodworking, his true passion and became a kinetic artist.  His work will inspire and amaze you.