Bryan Olsen

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My Story

My name is Bryan Olsen and I live in southern Minnesota or approximately 60 miles south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. I have been retired for almost two years after a 31-year career as a probation officer.

My hobby has been in woodworking and primarily enjoy building furniture such as coffee tables, end tables, bookshelves, file cabinets, entertainment centers etc.

Toward the end of my career as a probation officer, I wanted something that would enhance my woodworking skills and started researching CNC systems. Of all of the systems researched, I kept going back to Legacy Woodworking Machinery and then had an opportunity to talk with them at a woodworking show. I was able to look at the way they build their machines and to talk about their support.

You see, at this time, I had “zero” knowledge as to CAD or CAM software and was not even aware of Vectric or Conversational CAM. In essence, I started from scratch! Legacy Woodworking Machinery offers a free two day school to help you get started with machine operations and helpful information.

I currently have the Maverick 3×5 and am extremely happy with the machine. I am also happy with the Maverick’s versatility and amazed at the projects I have been able to complete.


Bryan Olsen

  • What sets Legacy Woodworking Machinery apart from anyone else that I have researched, is their customer service and training program. They make it personal as if you were right there in their shop!–Bryan Olsen, MN