Doug Pinney




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Throughout most of my adult working career I owned my own businesses.  Prior to retiring in 2009, at the age of 67, I was a design and build general contractor focusing on commercial building construction.  One thing that made owning my own businesses so rewarding was learning new things and taking on new challenges.  So I knew when I retired I would have to find a way to satisfy my urge for learning.  My wife had suggested that I finish up the wood shop that I had started several years before retiring.  I didn’t need much more prompting that that to get everything rolling forward.  I finished my 4000 square foot shop/warehouse and launched into woodworking full time.

Continuing my quest for new knowledge and skills, I started looking into CNC machines in early 2014.  I came across a lot of different machines but in most cases the key machinery was made out of weaker materials from China which didn’t interest me.  I started reading through different trade magazines and searching the internet.  I also came up with a set of criteria that I wanted in a new machine/company, namely, provide training up front, after market support, components manufactured in the US and stood completely behind their product.  One evening I remembered that I had seen Legacy Woodworking Machinery ( a CNC manufacturer), at the Denver “Wood Show” I attended years earilier.  I gave Legacy a call the first thing the next morning and found them to be very helpful with tecdhnical information and running different types of software on the machine.  After the discussion, I realized they had met all my criteria.

Even though deep down I knew they were the right choice, I spent another month researching a few other possibilities but nothing compared to Legacy. Because I had reached out to them to get information, they had added me to one of their email distribution lists. I received an email one day from Legacy stating that Andy Anderson (owner of Legacy) was going to hold a three day seminar at a high school in Fort Garland, Co. They were more than willing to provide training even though I hadn’t purchased a machine. After attending the seminar, I was convinced that the Legacy was the machine for me and I ordered a Legacy Arty 58 Pro 5-axis machine with a water cooled spindle and Aspire software by Vectric the following week.