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My Story

In 2012 I began working on transitioning to retirement from 40 years of government service as a Combat Search and Rescue helicopter pilot and Joint Personnel Recovery subject matter expert.  My plan was simple, support Sammie, my wife, and make her dream of owning and running a successful vintage and antique furniture repurposing business a reality. After 40 years of supporting my government service, I now work for her.  I began helping her out by restoring furniture and thus learning the needed woodworking and furniture restoration skills to support her business.

I quickly realized that I could benefit from the added embellishments and actuate repeatability that is inherent in using a CNC machine. 

However, being new to the world of CNC, I found it intimidating.  But thanks to Legacy’s outstanding on-site and web-based training, I was able to get up and running in no time. Their customer training and support is unparalleled and really confirmed that I made the right choice in purchasing from this outstanding company.

Sammie and I do our restoration and repurposing work from our home.  We both have separate shop areas in our basement where we do our individual work. Sammie specializes in the creative design and finishing processes.  As the boss, she has the final say. I work for her to resolve technical and restoration issues to make her vision a reality.

  • “I must say that I am very happy and pleased that I found Legacy CNC.   It has definitely enhanced our whole business experience. I want to thank the people out at Legacy for the superb job that they’ve done and taking an old dog and teaching him a lot of new tricks.” –Lee Meador, Lynchburg VA