Norman Greengard

When Norman retired as a Battalion Commander after working 36 years for the Fire Department and Gloria retired from working at the City Attorney’s Office, they moved and started up a new business which they named Montana Wood Creations.

  • We couldn’t have done it without the Maverick.–Norman Greengard

Early Woodworking Years

Norm always had a fascination for building from the time he was very young and said, “I was one of those kids who always had a tool in my hand. I used to take things apart to figure out how they worked.” He started buying tools as a kid; back then, Sears Craftsman began building furniture and bookshelves. At 14 years old, he started working for a General Contractor learning the trade. He started off building patio covers, finishing concrete and building redwood decks. It quickly evolved into framing houses and office buildings.


At 19 years old, he left his construction job to become a firefighter. With the Fire Department schedule allowing him to have time off between shifts, he decided to keep his hand in the construction field.

General Contractor License

When he was 25 years old, he took the State testing process and obtained his General Contractor License. On his own in the construction field now, he remodeled houses, and built himself a custom home. While the Fire Department always came first for him, he continued working for others on days off, designing and building kitchen and bath cabinets, entertainment centers, and bars.


Since retiring, their latest major project was the construction of a large custom residential home. When planning the construction on this house, Norm knew the cabinet and trim work would be extensive.

Norm’s CNC Journey

This extensive woodwork, coupled with starting up the new business, prompted Norm to update to the latest technology in woodworking. They investigated CNC machines that would assist them with building custom cabinets and creating detailed specialty work.

Why He Chose Legacy

They found Legacy and chose the Maverick 4’ x 8’ CNC. Norm says the main reasons they chose Legacy over the other companies in the CNC field was the quality, features and outstanding training and support offered by Legacy. Using Vectric’s Aspire for the detailed work and Mozaik for the cabinets to interface with the Maverick, they now have the ability to not only make customized cabinets but up their game by adding custom detail to all of their woodworking. They explained this customization, gives them a leg up in a specialized field. They say, “We couldn’t have done it without the Maverick.”