Rob Baker

North Carolina (COMING SOON)

My Story

My name is Rob Baker and I am a bona fide Legacy customer. To begin with, I was a municipal police officer and wore a traditional eagle badge for a number of years until the department replaced it with a modern shield (Figure 1). I always felt tremendous pride wearing the symbol but was thankful to have retired so I could get back to my family heritage of woodworking. My father was a cabinet maker who later built homes and complete neighborhoods. My paternal grandfather hailed from Indiana and eventually owned his own cabinet shop in the Pacific Northwest. You could say a passion for woodworking was in our blood.
Once my wife and I retired to North Carolina, I started amassing quality, woodworking tools. I thought I was going to get into custom, one-off furniture making as a hobby. I held that mindset until I happened across the ever-addictive world of CNC woodworking.

I am a tad bit of a perfectionist with just a hint of obsessive-compulsive
disorder so the precision of CNC machining absolutely intrigued me. I
knew right away that it was for me and that I wanted to get into carving badges and military regalia. Did I mention I am a former Marine?
I began looking at small, desktop CNC machines and doing my research only to hear people say, “Go bigger!” This theme resonated in a number of postings in a lot of forums so I thought there must be some credence to it. I quickly changed my focus and started looking at larger, free-standing machines.
I don’t remember how I happened across Legacy Woodworking and the Maverick 3×5 but I was instantly sold. The machine had its own turning center, was fully welded, and just looked impressive. Did I mention I was in the USMC and that perhaps it had been the scarlet red paint that drew me in? 😉😉
I put my personal feelings for the machine aside and told myself to keep shopping for the best machine in my price point. I did and I always came back to the Maverick for a number of reasons (customer service and free training were toward the top of the list).
One Saturday I took some time and met with Legacy Associate Lee Meador of Lynchburg, Virginia who gave me an all-day tour of his Maverick 3×5 and Vectric Aspire. I was SOLD with the hands-on experience and Lee’s awesome creations with his machine.
I ordered my first Maverick CNC and Aspire CAD/CAM software in the spring of 2018. The software came quickly, and I began experimenting with it right away. By the time my Maverick arrived, I had taken a few of the basic software classes offered by both Legacy and Vectric. The very first thing I did when my machine was operational was carve the Marine Corps’ Eagle, Globe, and Anchor in 2D. OohRah!
My first carving was followed by signs for my son-in-law and daughter’s wedding and a US Navy plaque for my swabbie son. This was of course followed by a ton of bric-à-brac spread around the home. My first paying job was the creation of a sign for a local business and it came within months of receiving my machine and I hadn’t even advertised.

By December 2018, I had gotten comfortable with my Maverick and decided a badge that I had been carving and tweaking was good enough to offer for sale to my former colleagues (Figure 2). I posted a picture of the finished badge on a private Facebook page, found a good price point to sell it, and the orders rolled in . . . like a tidal wave.
Word quickly spread within my former department and then trickled out to other surrounding agencies. This prompted a number of special requests for other badges. I could not keep up with the requests and orders, so I employed additional artists to help me with the creation of new models. I now have a nice library of models (Figure 3) and a host of completed sales.
My Maverick is paying its own way, and then some. The process has also helped me to improve my skills resulting in 100% customer satisfaction. What more could a hobbyist woodworker ask for?

Cheers and happy carving!
Rob Baker


  • I receive kudos all the time for the “art” I produce. I confess, it takes a lot of work for me to create the quality product I sell. However, I am a realist and know a good majority of my success is the result of my Maverick. She is my silent partner in this endeavor and works tirelessly all day for a couple dollars an hour without ever complaining. What more could a small business owner ask for?–Rob Baker






Your actions and work inspire us.  We thank you for your service to this country and to your community.

Thank you,

Legacy Woodworking Machinery