Apple Press

This project was designed and built by Harry Tippets.  It features wooden gears, internal and external wooden threads, dovetail joinery several other design challenges.  Over the next few weeks, we will post videos demonstrating how Harry solved a variety of challenges to build a functional piece of art.



Part 1 – Milling Internal and External Threads

Part 2 – Programming and Milling the Wooden Gears

Part 3 – Milling the Dovetail Joinery and Pockets

Part 4 – Machining the joinery using the vertical vise

Part 5 – Turning and Indexing the Grinding Wheel

Part 6 – The Finished Apple Press In Action



  • Without Legacy’s 3 workstation CNC and CCAM software, the apple press would remain on my bucket list until the end of time…–Harry Tippetts, Wind River Mill