Legacy Associate Program

If you own a Legacy CNC, like what Legacy does and want to be part of an active CNC community then Legacy’s Associate Program may be for you.

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Cost: $0.00

That’s correct.  The price to become a Legacy Associate is $0.00; however, there are a few requirements to qualify for Associate status.



  • Own a Legacy CNC.
  • Submit photos and/or videos of yourself, your CNC machine, your shop and one or more projects that you have built using your CNC along with an introduction to your self, what you do and a brief testimonial of your experience with Legacy and your CNC.  Once you fill out the form below, Legacy will send your an email with a link to a shared folder where you can post your photos, videos and documents.  NOTE: If you just purchased your CNC and have not yet build any projects then you can skip this step to start with but send photos and/or videos of a project as soon as you can.
  • Be willing to talk to referrals and answer their questions either in person or on the phone.


  • Be willing to demonstration your CNC.
  • Start or join a CNC Users Group


As soon as you qualify you will receive the following:

  • 5% discount on Legacy products excluding Legacy’s CNC systems.
  • You will be listed on the Associate map on Legacy’s website.


  • If you would like to participate in our project testing and promotion program, you will receive a complete set of project plans, including all of the supporting files and G Code, free of charge from Legacy.  Once you complete the project and submit photos and/or videos of machining the parts and the finished project along with a testimonial about the project you will be eligible for an additional project free of charge.  You can continue to receive the projects free of charge every time you complete and document a project.  We encourage you to customize the project and will sponsor contest for the best project execution.  NOTE: Designing, programming and creating your own project will also qualify you for free Legacy projects.  In fact, we highly encourage it.
  • You will receive training enabling you to host workshops that will be supported by live webinar classes taught by Legacy or guest presenters.  NOTE: There maybe a small charge to compensate the instructor and/or guest presenters.  If you are interested in being a guest presenter please let us know on the submission form below.

10% Discounts:

To qualify for a 10% discount on all of Legacy’s products excluding the CNC machines, complete one of the following:

  • Host a minimum of 2 workshops during the year.  To qualify for the 10% discount you need to be on our event calendar.    NOTE: You can join up with other associates to host these events and all associates involved will qualify for the 10%.  You should charge for these events.
  • Complete and document with photos and/or videos a minimum of 6 projects during the year.

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