Attention Legacy Associate:

Legacy will be sponsoring a CNC workshop once a month.  We will provide the training via recorded video and provide all of the programs and codes so that you, as an associate, will be able to host the workshop, view the training presentation via the recorded videos and then provide the hands-on demonstration on your CNC.  We need to know if you will be hosting the workshops so that we can build a map for potential customers to find you, send out an email to our database and produce YouTube videos to promote you and the workshops.  Please fill out the following form and let us know if you will be hosting one or more of the following workshops.

NOTE:  Please contact Legacy if you will be hosting a workshop on dates other than our posted schedule.  We will put them on the calendar and include them in our promotional emails and YouTube videos.

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Check the CNC Workshops that you will be hosting so that Legacy can publish the locations for each event.


This workshop will be a one day workshop based on a project or technique.  Legacy will provide the training in the morning allowing you to demonstrate on your CNC in the afternoon.