Bob Prichard

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Phone: (916) 214-7622



My experience with legacy

Bob belongs to 3 different wood clubs one is strictly turning, and the others are a bit of everything. At one of these club events an Explorer was shown, with the optional turning center. After seeing it cut a few things including pens Bob decided to place an order. While waiting for the machine Bob attended a large woodworking show that used to circulate to California. After the show he decided to upgrade to the Arty 58” a larger and more capable machine.

“The thing we noticed after talking with people is you get training, we learned how to use and program the machine before we even got it. There is support which we have used very little except to answer questions for others. The biggest thing about anything you buy is who is going to support it for you. After other 3 years we don’t know anywhere that has customer service like Legacy. There is no calling another country in the middle of the night to answer irrelevant questions. I would put Legacy at the top of any customer support I have dealt with.”


First CNC Project

This was my first project and we had the machine for four days when I got a call from Woodcraft and they had a customer that had stopped at a roadside vendor and got some signs cutout for the Cub Scout troop and one was misspelled. Instead of McGuire it was MaGuire and as it turned out it was the scout master’s son. They asked Woodcraft if they could just putty it in with wood filler and then try to carve the correct letter. Woodcraft ask if we wanted to try it. The customer sent pictures with a tape measure in the picture until they could get us the actual sign. Matching the font was the biggest problem we had but when the actual sign got to us, we were about 90% correct on our samples we did. We modified it to look like the original one, but it was still a little different, but the scout master liked it better than the roadside one.  I have learned a lot more about V-carving text and how that works than when I did this first sign but always glad to help out groups like the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Animals for Toy Project

I am a member of three woodworking clubs and one of the clubs was going to cutout some animals to go on some train cars that we were making and needed about 80 animal characters cutout that they were doing with the scroll saw. They ask if the CNC could do it as they did not have time to get that many cut out before our donation date. There were four animals they wanted and with an 1/8″ bit, I cutout 80 animals in about 2 hours. We were able to get the train cars finished and donated to the ‘Toys for Tots’ program on time.

Glider Front Text

A member of one of my wood clubs ask if I could carve the name of a couple he was building a glider for and this is what was requested. We did both the front and rear boards for the glider so there were two boards the same size.

Hammerhead Cane

Pictures of the hammer head cane that I have done 5 times so far for people. One person that I did a cane for went to his Dr. office and showed his Dr. and ended up giving the cane to his Dr. but has not ask me to make him another one. His was one that I told him if he provided the wood then I would cut out the parts and could assemble it and finish however he wanted to. Did a cane for my Mother at her retirement home and she took it to Bingo one night and someone was doing something wrong and she held the end of the can and used it like a long hammer or hook. I told her it was not meant to be used like that and she promised not to repeat but it was interesting to hear her use of it.

Hawaii Float for Grandson

My grandson had to make a float for school and ask for my help. We cutout the different Islands and pocketed them and he decorated it with some decals as well. He put wheels on it and his teacher was very impressed and gave him an A on it. From the pictures you can see he as very delighted with what he helped design and watch being cut.

Walking Stick

I wanted to do something with the turning center and glued a couple of two by fours together and then put on the machine and did some different cuts to see how it looked. My wife says it looks more like a banister for a stair than a walking stick, so I graduated to the hammer head cane.

Wedding Pallet Project

My wife came home one evening from work and someone at the Hospital where she worked showed her a picture of a pallet that was made into a heart with dates carved in it. She said that we could do this and a new project was born. Once we finished it, she used it at her wedding and reception and said she got a lot of nice comments on it. Very interesting project.

Judy Table

My wife saw on the Vectric website a table that she wanted to make. We decided to do a trial cut out of Select Pine and then stain it which did not turn out too bad. The first thing she did after we got it finished is give it away to Daughter in Law since she plans to cut out another on from Mahogany. She actually did most of the project herself even though the project was done by Vectric with all of the codes she still had to put the wood on the machine and change bits as needed. She wants to learn more about doing projects by herself with little supervision.