Haven’t seen a Legacy 3-In-1 CNC in action, check this out!
Work Area #1
The Horizontal Table

Work Area #2
The Turning Center

Work Area #3
The Vertical Table

All the photos above are projects built by our customers!

A New 3-In-1 Machine – The Maverick 3×5 Pro, 4 Axis CNC Router

The Maverick 3×5 Pro 4 Axis CNC Router is the best woodworking tool for small businesses. Automate your current best-selling wood products. Say Yes to new opportunities with the confidence that you will be profitable. Our 4 Axis CNC Router is the tool we wish we had before we spent a lifetime collecting a shop full of woodworking tools.

Why Is This 4 Axis CNC Router The Best For Small Business?

Now the Maverick 3×5 Pro even better. It had a significant upgrade in hardware and software. We are most excited about the resulting 3x cutting speeds & better cut quality. The user interface is even more user-friendly. We have upgraded software reliability and added operator features to make life easier.

What Features Justify The Maverick 3×5 Pro Existence?:

  • Cutting Speeds 3x Faster
  • Better Cut Quality
  • Easier To Learn User Interface
  • Hardware And Software Reliability Upgrades
  • Added Operator Features

So How Do We Get 3x Faster Cutting Speeds?

The major speed upgrade is the result of the new motion control algorithms. For example, one of these new algorithms kicks into place when 2 axes move simultaneously. It adjusts the acceleration of each axis to maximize inertia efficiency. The result was the same parts cut 3 times faster. Our own team had to witness it themselves to believe the improvement.

Better Motion Control Algorithms = 3x Faster Cutting Speeds

So How Do We Get Better Cut Quality?

The increase in cut quality of our Maverick 3×5 Pro 4 Axis CNC Router has two substantial factors. The first is the increased inertia management in our software. This decreases the amount of inconsistent pressure on the tooltip resulting in a smoother, more constant cut. The second is the increased support we added to our all-steel frame. The rigid framework produces cleaner parts even during faster and deeper cuts.

Sturdier Frame + Better Inertia Management = Better Cut Quality

What is New About The User Interface?

In a word … everything. Our CNC controller now has 3 Unique Interfaces. One interface for each of the 3-workstations, all Legacy CNC’s are famous for:

  • The 3 axis horizontal table. (Standard CNC)
  • Tthe 3 axis vertical table (Joinery CNC)
  • The 4 axis turning center (Lathe CNC)

Each controller has everything you need to operate that workstation. It adds automated setups and also excludes functions that do not apply to eliminate operator errors.

New User Interface = More Automated Setup Processes + Fewer Operator Errors

Hardware And Software Reliability Upgrades?

The first major upgrade is the embedded image-reboot function. This means the controller starts fresh every time with no chance for misconduct. The second major upgrade is the upgraded network card. This hardware increases the stream of information flowing to the software without any interruptions.

Upgraded Network Card = Faster Hardware Communication + No Interruptions = Piece of Mind

Talk To Me About Added Operator Features

The goal is to eliminate as many pain points as possible. I am going to mention two for now and look for our tutorial videos that describe them all.

The first is the automated vacuum system. During setups and when starting a program, the vacuum turns on. When it finishes, it turns off. This reduces operator error and wasted power and noise. As a bonus, when the vacuum turns off, you know when the parts are complete.

The Second is the touch screen monitor. We all know that a touch screen is easier, faster, and more intuitive.


Do You Have Questions?

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Maverick 4X8 Features Walk Around

See what features are included with the Maverick 4X8 3-workstation CNC machine.

The New Maverick Delta Controller

Check out the new bells and whistles on the new Delta CNC controller.                                                                       

Maverick 3X5 Pro Time Studies

We’ll walk you through the tests and procedures that prove Delta cuts 3X faster.                                                       

Smart-Tool Feature

Meet your new setup machinist. Legacy’s part & tool height measuring system.                                       

Conversational-CAM Feature

Unleash your turning, indexing, spiraling, and tapering capabilities with Legacy’s exclusive CAM software.

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Maverick 3-Workstation Demonstration

Watch as we use all three workstations to complete a three-legged pedestal.

Making a Hammerhead Cane Demonstration

See how the Maverick used turning, indexing, and tapering to complete this project.

Making a Vanity Demonstration

See the steps that were used to build this beautiful custom cabinet.

Making a Pendulum Wall Clock Demonstration

See how the Maverick used a story board  the to produce all the components for this project.

Making a Mailbox Post Demonstration

See how the Maverick used the turning center and the horizontal table to complete this Mailbox project.

Making a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Demo

Hollow spirals are not as difficult as you might think.  Well, at least not for a Maverick CNC machine.

Making Textured Door Panels Demonstration

See how combining machining toolpaths with raster carving toolpaths increase productivity.

Rapid Fire Demo        Threaded Nut

Watch a sped up overview from start to finish on producing the Threaded Nut for the Stool.

Rapid Fire Demo                Leg & Bolt

Watch a time lapse overview from start to finish on how to produce the Legs & Bolt for the Stool.





Legacy’s 3-IN-1 CNC Makes Great Things Possible


From the custom cabinet and stair makers to the artists to the furniture builders and manufacturers, you can create nearly anything on a Legacy machine. What do you want to create?



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