Here are a few reasons why successful cabinet makers are choosing a Legacy CNC system.
  • Complete More Jobs Per Month By Cutting Sheet Goods 3x Faster
  • Prevent Injuries By Eliminating 1000 lifts Per Average Kitchen
  • Save 20% On Material Costs By Using Each Sheet More Efficiently
  • Add More Value And Increase Profits By Going Beyond Box Building
Cut Sheet Goods 3x’s Faster!

Prevent Injuries By Eliminating
1,000 Lifts Per Average Kitchen!
Build Cabinetry 3x’s Faster
While Using 20% Less Material!
See how Michael, a Legacy CNC customer, took his cabinetry business from $150 – $250 per linear foot to $800 – $2,500 per linear foot!
Top-rated online reviews state many reasons why cabinetmakers reach high customer satisfaction.  Out of all the reasons, the most important is to give the customer exactly what they want.

Michael Samarza is a top-rated, one-person cabinet shop in the highly competitive market of southern California.  Michael found that he needed to go a leap beyond box building and provide his customers with custom cabinetry that they couldn’t find in a catalog.  In other words, he gives his customers exactly what they want.

From $150 – $250 per linear foot to $800 – $2,500 per linear foot!
As a contractor making commercial production cabinetry, I was determined to do projects that would set us apart from the competitors in the cabinetmaking business.  That desire led to many custom residential projects that required me to rely on other woodworking artisans to get the job done.  I will always be grateful to the many incredibly talented people that worked in my shop. However, it became clear to us that we needed a CNC to keep up with our production needs.
I started researching CNC, but I could not find a machine that could produce all the components we needed for custom cabinetry.  This included frameless and face frame cabinets with doors and drawers.  As well as architectural components like corbels, molding, pilasters, rosettes, 3D carvings, embellishments, and turned spindles.  Five years later, I unexpectedly ran into Legacy Woodworking Machinery at the AWFS woodworking show. I had seen how all 4×8 CNC machines could produce sheet goods for production cabinetry.  However, I saw how a Legacy CNC could allow me to also make all the custom components I needed without relying on other people’s skillsets.
It’s been nine years since I bought my first Legacy CNC. I still build full custom cabinetry, but now I’m a one-person shop.  I am amazed at what I’m able to accomplish with this CNC system.  All I can hope for now is to be blessed with more years to continue the fun. – Michael Samarza – Cabinet Maker.

Randi Armstrong is an interior designer for high-end homes in southern California has this to say about Michael.

“I have collaborated with Michael for over 25 years, and he always manages to bring his skill and creativity to every unique project. He is the person I think of immediately when I am working with a client who appreciates fine detail and meticulous craftsmanship. His ability to take a project from design conception to finish perfection is a rare talent.” – Randi Armstrong, Interior Design

Why Michael Chose Legacy
See Legacy’s Exclusive 3-In-1 CNC Machine In Action!
Work Area #1
The Horizontal Table

Work Area #2
The Turning Center

Work Area #3
The Vertical Table

All the photos above are projects built by our customers!

The 3-In-1 Maverick 4×8 CNC Wood Machine

The Maverick 4×8 is a cnc router made for cutting wood.  The system comes standard with a 4’x8′ horizontal table, a 7″x20″ vertical table, and a 79″ 4-axis turning center. Our CNC exceeds industrial specifications with an all-steel frame and user-friendly controller.  It comes fully assembled, and pre-tested, backed by the industry’s best training and support.

Every MAVERICK Series 3-workstation CNC machining center provides outstanding features at an excellent price.  Each Maverick comes fully packed with minimal options to simplify your purchasing experience.  All Legacy machines are designed and manufactured in Springville, Utah, USA.

Introducing the 2020 Maverick 4 X 8 CNC System.

New Included Features:

  • Updated frame design
  • Larger workareas for the 3-workstations
  • Auto Tool Change (ATC) with available Manual Tool Change (MTC)
  • Higher horsepower spindle
  • Improved CNC Controller
  • Made in the USA


List of Features of our Maverick 4x8 CNC Machine, This 4 by 8 cnc router has 9 key feature that come standard with every purchase. they are 3-workstations, ATC spindle, Smart Tool, Vacuum System, CNC Controller, Conversational Cam, Dust Management, Made In The USA, Great Warranty

Do You Have Questions?

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Maverick 4×8 Wood CNC Machine Features Introduction

See what new & updated features are included with the 2020 Maverick 4 X 8 CNC router machine.                     

Spindle – Auto Tool Change – Dust Extraction

A more in depth video on the Spindle, Auto Tool Change and Dust Extraction features .                                 

The New Delta Controller

Check out the latest bells and whistles of the newest CNC controller.

The New Maverick Frame Design

See what new & updated features that are included with the 2020 Maverick design.                             

Smart-Tool Feature

Meet your new setup machinist. Legacy’s part & tool height measuring system.                                       

Conversational-CAM Feature

Unleash your turning, indexing, spiraling, and tapering capabilities with Legacy’s exclusive CAM software.





Maverick 3-Workstation Demonstration

Watch as we use all three workstations to complete a three-legged pedestal.

Making a Hammerhead Cane Demonstration

See how the Maverick used turning, indexing and tapering to complete this project.

Making a Vanity Demonstration

See the steps that were used to build this beautiful custom cabinet.

Making a Pendulum Wall Clock Demonstration

See how the Maverick used a story board  the to produce all the components for this project.

Making a Mailbox Post Demonstration

See how the Maverick used the turning center and the horizontal table to complete this Mailbox project.

Making a Hollow Spiral Candlestick Demo

Hollow spirals are not as difficult as you might think.  Well, at least not for a Maverick CNC machine.

Making Textured Door Panels Demonstration

See how combining machining toolpaths with raster carving toolpaths increase productivity.

Rapid Fire Demo        Threaded Nut

Watch a sped up overview from start to finish on producing the Threaded Nut for the Stool.

Rapid Fire Demo                Leg & Bolt

Watch a time lapse overview from start to finish on how to produce the Legs & Bolt for the Stool.




Legacy’s 3-In-1 CNC Machines Makes Great Things Possible


From the cabinet maker and stair manufacturer to the artists and furniture builders, you can create nearly anything on a Legacy 4×8 Wood CNC Machine. What do you want to create?



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