Adirondack Chair Premium



This Adirondack chair was built using square edge capped Trex from Home Depot.  It will take 3  of the 96 inch lengths to create this chair.


6 of the 3/8 inch  lag bolts 2 1/2 inches long were used to bolt the chair legs together.

1 1/2 inch  decking screws were used to screw the slats on the seat and chair back.

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19 inch seat slats Counter Sink holes.crv
Arm Supports.crv
Back Slats.crv
Decorative edge and back support – Make 1.crv
Left Arm Rest.crv
Left Leg.crv
Right Arm Rest with cup hole.crv
Right Arm Rest.crv
Right Leg.crv
Vertical back Support – Make 1.crv
Vertical Leg Left – Make 1.crv
Vertical Leg Right – Make 1.crv