Hollow Spiral Candlestick



CandleBottom.ccm (CCAM)

CandleTop.ccm (CCAM)

HollowSpiralCandleRev1.ccm (CCAM)

Base and Top Mortis.txt (G Code)

Candle Bottom G-Code.txt (G Code)

Candle Top G-Code.txt (G Code)

Hollow Spiral G-Code.txt (G Code)

Hollow Spiral Candle Stick.pdf (Instructions)

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Legacy has been known for our unique turnings and profile tool paths. The simple elegance of the Hollow spiral was made possible by the original Legacy Ornamental Mill and has been brought forward again to be cut on our CNC Machines.

Please note that this project was designed to be cut on Legacy Machines only. We cannot guarantee successful cutting on any other machine.