CNC Training

Legacy offers the most comprehensive CNC training in the industry. Training options include hands-on training at our facility in Springville, UT, on-site training, weekly training webinars, Legacy Associate training program, local CNC workshops, recorded online project and tutorial classes as well as private webinar training.


Hands-On Training

Legacy customers can come to our factory in Springville, UT for two days of hands-on training free of charge.  Once you have placed your order you can call Chris at 801 609 2807 to schedule your training.  Click on the button below to see the Hands-On Training calendar.

      Training Calendar     

CNC Training Videos

This is a series of training videos that we are currently producing.  Whether you’re a seasoned CNC operator or just exploring the possibilities of adding CNC to your shop, this video series will teach you step-by-step how to set up, operate and get the most out of your Legacy CNC.

Click on the button below to see the training videos.

      Training Videos     

CNC  Training Webinars

Legacy host live training webinars that are either project or technique based.  Classes are on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.    These webinars are free and open to all Legacy CNC customers.  If you are not a Legacy CNC customer and would like a guest pass, fill out the form below.

       Guest Pass Signup       

Local CNC Workshops

Legacy organizes two day CNC retreats around the country throughout the year.  Check out our calendar of events to see when a retreat is coming to your area.  If you would like to be notified about upcoming CNC Workshops, fill out the form below.

CNC Workshop Notifications

On-Site Training

If you prefer, you can have someone provide the hands-on training in your shop with you and your employees.  On-site training is $500.00 per day plus travel expenses.


  • The training was so informative.  I as SO glad that we bought from you guys.  Without the support, training, and allowing us to ask the stupidest questions without anyone getting annoyed (hahaha) we would be so lost, and the knowledge that the ongoing support is there just makes it that much more amazing.–Steph Kelly