CNC Projects

In this section you will be able to view our selection of projects that can be created with your CNC. For access to these projects you need to purchase the subscription to our archives.

Each project will come with the part files, G-code, and how to videos. This will allow you to get cutting immediately while you learn how to create your own.


Legacy has combined our knowledge and experience with turning and tool profile based machining, with the power and consistency of CNC, to allow the creation of beautiful architectural pieces from stair components to carved entry doors. Custom moldings can feature carved elements or quickly be machined using tool profiles. You can easily create linear, curved and even wrapped moldings and architectural components.

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Legacy’s lineup of multi-workstation CNC machines not only allow you to quickly process nested sheet goods for the basic cabinet construction, but you can also create custom embellishments such as pilasters, columns, linear, arched or wrapped moldings, corbels, raised panels, bow front doors, 3D carved elements and much more all on one machine. Legacy’s exclusive vertical table will allow you to incorporate through dovetails, finger joints and custom joinery for a timeless look and strong construction.

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With a plethora of possibilities you will never be limited on what you can create. From pens, to Christmas ornaments, to music boxes, a Legacy CNC can help transform your woodworking to that of a master craftsman. See some examples of what is possible.


While the CNC industry is focused on sheet processing, Legacy focuses on versatility. What sets Legacy apart from the crowd is the almost unlimited versatility of our multi-station CNC machines. Everything from 5-axis turning and 3-axis part processing to vertical fixturing for creating precision joinery. The only limitation is your imagination.

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