Hammer Head Cane

A Legacy Exclusive Project


Hammer Head Cane Demo Video


The hammer has long been a symbol for workers and craftsmen, with that in mind we decided to include this quintessential tool into a practical and beautiful walking cane. Due to the complexity of design, the off-center turning and tapered shaft, the creation of this project is reserved for Legacy CNC routers. The cane is comprised of two parts, the hammerhead, and the shaft. Canes must be sized to the person, the top should come to the palm of the hand when standing.


This training project includes CRV files, G-code, step-by-step instructions, and access to the programming class.

NOTE:  The G Code files for the cane is for the Maverick CNC.  If you have a different CNC system you need to download and open the CCAM part files and generate the G Code for your system.