Adjustable Stool Demo Video

Adjustable Stool Class 1

Adjustable Stool Class 2

Adjustable Stool Class 3



The files for this project are broken into two sections; project files and workshop files.  The project files have everything you need to build the entire stool whereas the workshop files are used for teaching and demonstrating how to build one of each of the components.  We recommend that you use the project files to build a complete stool prior to holding a workshop, then use the workshop files to teach and demonstrate how to build the individual components.

Project Files

CAD Files (dxf and tcw)

Adjustable Stool.tcw

Adjustable Stool.dxf

CAM Files (Vectric)

Stool Seat Side 1.crv3d

Stool Seat Side 2.crv3d

G Code Files

Workshop Files

CAD Files (dxf and tcw)

Adjustable Stool Workshop Demo.tcw

Adjustable Stool Workshop Demo.dxf