Adjustable Stool Workshop


 Here’s a quick recap of our event…


Our group

It was a small but excellent group of woodworkers and CNC enthusiasts that assembled at our WestOak Studios workshop to learn about how to make the adjustable stool. Holden, Steven, Jeff, Tony, Scott, and myself are ready to go.

After watching a demonstration video by Tracy of Legacy, Steve and I discuss strategies for the threaded nut. 


  • I am most grateful to both you and Leticia for not only your hospitality and the invaluable learning experience, but for the opportunity to meet and spend time with such genuine people.

    It is difficult to express all of the ways in which you have increased my understanding of the Legacy Maverick, Aspire programming, CNC considerations and woodworking in general.  I have increased my knowledge many fold after attending your workshop and have come away from it with increased confidence and excitement.  This is a testament, I believe, to your gift, your knowledge and your incredibly approachable attitude and demeanor.

    Your shop is amazing and clearly its a product of your vision for you to continue to evolve as both a woodworker and a person.  Thank you for being so generous and allowing us to share a little of that vision.

    The most exciting part of this for me is the building of a core group of Legacy Maverick owners that we can call upon for advise and counsel.  This is a huge benefit and credit to Legacy for making this possible along with their associates and especially to Tracy Anderson for envisioning this valuable program.

    –Jeff Hewitt, Kerick Wood Products

One of the parts we machined was the threaded shaft. Very simple to program this process in CCAM and always rewarding to see the final results.

This is our first completed adjustable stool. We made it from reclaimed material that was hanging around the shop. A very exotic “wood” called EmDeeEf was used for everything but the threaded shaft which was made from a 4 x 4 that was part of a pallet from my new planer. (Note: I have never seen an EmDeeEf tree…I expect they are large and squatty as the “boards” usually come 4′ wide and 8′ tall. If you know where these trees are found please let me know).

I always come away from these events inspired by what I learn from the talented woodworkers who come to visit my shop. It’s great solving problems and seeing the incredible projects built by those who attend. And, making new woodworking friends is the best part.

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