WestOak Studios…

Custom Woodworking Project



With the vacuum lift we are able to move heavy panels effortlessly.  This goes a long way to save my back (and toes).



The Altendorf F45 is a trusty “slider” with a 10′ stroke that we use for sizing panels and ripping hardwood.  It is equipped with a digital rip fence and crosscut stops from TigerStop.



The compact and affordable Casadei edgebander has consistently applied miles of edgebanding to panels.



The Artisan II CNC allows us to process sheet goods and add the custom embellishments that sets our work apart from the competition.


The Gemini is the center of our production

While the Gemini is the focal point of our shop, Legacy’s Maverick CNC with its three independent work stations allows us to quickly go from sheet processing, to custom components i.e. pilasters, corbels, carvings, inlay, turned spindles and columns as well as precision joinery.


Choosing a CNC is an important decision

I was originally looking at a number of the well-known CNC manufacturers but never felt like I had found the right fit for my very diversified shop.   I discovered Legacy Woodworking Machinery at a trade show and was struck by the versatility of their machines.  I was impressed by the ability to create 5-axis turnings, 2 1/2D carvings, and process 3-axis flat work on the same machine.  But I was really drawn in by the “approachability” of their CNC’s—no fences, beams, or sensor mats.  I could get up close with the machine and get a better understanding of what it was doing.  This meant a lot to a first-time CNC buyer.  Add to that the approachability of the Legacy Team and I was sold.



Why I chose Legacy Woodworking

My first Legacy CNC was the Artisan II. Since that purchase it has become clear that I acquired far more than a CNC.  A short time after receiving my Artisan II we were able to create products that would normally have been near impossible without great time and expense.

Beyond the anticipated results of our new CNC I found a rare quality of support from Legacy.  I have received countless hours of first-class online and face-to-face instruction and training intended to increase my machining and programming skills.

Without doubt, the real game changer is demonstrated by the Legacy team’s willingness to go beyond typical support as they share instruction and insights that guide the new CNC owner in good business principles, marketing, and product development.  This information, skillfully presented by live webinar and hosted retreat, has been of immense value to my business.


Legacy’s full line of CNCs: