Why Legacy’s 3-In-1 CNC Routers Are The Best?


Legacy was founded in 1991 and has delivered more than 18000 machines and tools to every continent in the world.  Legacy’s 4 Axis CNC Router is versatile because they are designed by a team of demanding woodworkers with over 180 years of combined shop experience.


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With the most powerful 4 Axis CNC Router on the market, Legacy Woodworking Machinery has the right solution for you.

The Best 4 Axis CNC Routers With The Best Training Formula


So, you are thinking about adding a CNC system to your shop or business and you want to be up and running ASAP. Let’s Face It If You Have Read This Far On The Page:

  • You Know Buying A 4 Axis CNC Router Is A Big Decision.
  • You Need The CNC to Make You Money As Fast As Possible.
  • Legacy Offers The Best CNC Systems & the Training Formula Designed To Make You An CNC Expert Fast.

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Yes. Made possible with Legacy’s 3-In-1 CNC Machines


From the custom cabinet and stair makers to the artists to the furniture builders and manufacturers – they need a Legacy CNC.  You can create nearly anything on a Legacy machine.  Let us help turn your ideas into reality.

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